Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Eyes: Make-up Tutorial

Have You seen those Big Eyes on some of the medolls?
Well I'm going to show you how to do Big Eyes my style.
Hope you like it.
1. Apply The smallest eyelashes on the top and bottom layer of your eyes.
12 Eyelashes all Together. (Sunny Bunny)

2.Apply medium sized Eyelashes. 16 eyelashes.
Sunny Bunny.

3. Add the Largest eyeslashes, both bottom and top of eye.

4. Apply Black eyeshadow to darken the top lashes.
Add mascara.
Add Eyeliner.
Add white eyeshadow in corner.
5. Add Black teardrop to the outer corner of eye.
Add the two black hearts in your eyes,
6. Add White fangs to the inner corner of your eyes.
7. Add contacts (any color) to the middle of your eyes.
8. Add teardrops over the eyes. (clear blue)
9. Add make-up...
Like it? (For finished product go to my suite...sorry my paint is not working anymore -__-)

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